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Athletic Club Honors Paolo Maldini Career With "One-Club Man Award"

It sounds weird, but the Basque club, and not AC Milan, honored Paolo Maldini for spending his entire career in Rossonero.

Steve Harper Testimonial - Newcastle United v AC Milan Photo by Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

Paolo Maldini is undisputedly one of the greatest players to ever play with AC Milan and spent his entire career in a red & black uniform. His loyalty to the club that helped him grow, both as a man and player, really deserved to be rewarded and that's why Athletic Bilbao decided to honor him with the "One-Club Man Award". You read that right.

Maldini appeared in a total of 902 games scoring 33 goals and lifting 26 trophies for the Rossoneri. For that reason, it's strange that Maldini received an award for his loyalty to Milan from another club whilst he's been almost ignored by Milan's management since his retirement on May 31st, 2009.

However, it's always good watching 40,000 people paying tribute to an absolute legend like Paolo.