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De Sciglio, Bonaventura, Montolivo in Italy's preliminary Euro 2016 roster

Antonio Conte revealed the 30 players called up for the first phase of the preparation for the European championship and there are only three Rossoneri among them.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Antonio Conte revealed the list of the 30-man roster that will participate to the first phase of trainings for the European championship and there are three players from AC Milan in it. Mattia De Sciglio, Riccardo Montolivo and Giacomo Bonaventura are the only Rossoneri that deserved to be called up by Antonio Conte and will have a real chance to get to the final 23-man roster.

Here is the complete list of the 30 players selected by Antonio Conte

Unfortunately, Milan's young goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma has been snubbed by Conte who preferred to call Udinese's 19-year-old goalkeeper Alex Meret to complete the roster. It's quite disappointing that the Italian manager preferred a backup like Salvatore Sirigu and Meret over Gigio, who played an amazing season with the Rossoneri despite the difficult situation of the team, because he really deserved a chance to be included at least in the 30-man roster.

However, he'll surely have other chances to play with the Azzurri in his future and he shouldn't be really disappointed for that.