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The Sale Saga Continues: Bee Taechaubol To Meet Silvio Berlusconi Tomorrow

The saga of the sale between Bee Taechaubol and Silvio Berlusconi will take another turn tomorrow as the two businessmen will meet to iron out the details.

Charles Pertwee/Getty Images

Bee Taechaubol and Silvio Berlusconi are meeting - again. Though it looked like the sale process had come to a standstill, with no news since their last meeting, things are finally moving. The two businessmen will meet in Arcore tomorrow in order to advance with the negotiations and introduce new investors.

According to the terms of the preliminary deal signed in June, the sale of a 48 percent stake in the club to the Thai financier should have closed before September 30, 2015. However, Mr. Bee's difficulties at finding investors who could support him with the payment slowed the process considerably, with the parties setting the new deadline in 2016. Reports from the financial media in Italy claim that Milan's new-owner-to-be met a couple of managers from Fininvest, Berlusconi's financial group, in China, where they had the opportunity to discuss new backers and perfect some details of the sale contract. Apparently, Mr. Bee is now on his way to Italy in order to talk personally to Milan's chairman. It's quite unlikely that this neverending saga will be over after tomorrow's meeting, but it's surely an encouraging sign for the future of the club.