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Postponement of the AC Milan Women and Fiorentina Match Due To the Coronavirus Outbreak

Scary, and bad.

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AC Milan Women v Fiorentina Women - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Sunday’s clash between the AC Milan Women and Fiorentina has officially been postponed. The postponement was due to a regional outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy.

Prior to this announcement, the FIGC had issued an official press release confirming the postponement of the matches.

Yesterday, Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, issued a statement proclaiming that the Italian government had decided to suspend all sporting events in the regions of Veneto and Lombardia. The bans came one day after two people were confirmed to have died from the deadly virus, with both people having resided in the two, previously mentioned regions. The number of casualties has now risen to four.

Adding to this is the fact that Firenze recently registered its first case of the disease, which means that Milan vs Fiorentina will most likely be played behind closed doors.

As much as we all wanted to see a Valentina Giacinti and Alia Guagni battle and - more importantly - as much as we really like Alia Guagni, we’d rather be safe than sorry.

Let the titans clash at another time, and let us be able to witness it at a time when we can truly marvel at their might.

Because right now, some things are more important than a football game.