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Gianluigi Donnarumma set to extend AC Milan stay

Reports state that a €6m per year, 5 year deal will be signed by the prodigy.

Italy v Germany - 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship Photo by Stephen Pond/Getty Images

It looks like we are reaching an end to the Gigio Donnarumma saga, and boy, if this is true - he'll be getting paid.

Sky is reporting that Donnarumma is set to sign a six million euro a year deal to stay at Milan. It looks like this pay rise could remove Mino Raiola’s release clause demands from the table. Donnarumma will also be tied to Milan until 2022 in a deal that will see him released for €50m if UCL qualification isn't achieved and double that if it is.

Furthermore, Milan will sign Donnarumma's brother, Antonio and pay the elder Donnarumma €1m per year.

Not so long ago, it seemed Milan had lost Donnarumma, however the tables turned after Raiola launched a scathing critique of Milan. Raiola's fire was met with Milan's ice, as CEO Marco Fassone dismissed Raiola's claims, and even accepted Gigio’s 'decision.’

It seemed that Raiola was fighting hard for a move to Real Madrid for his client. It doesn't seem as though anyone, including Madrid, actually wanted to see that move through. Despite this being a loss for the super agent, he's set for another huge payday at Milan's expense and his involvement in building a wall between a player and his club should be questioned.

More importantly, Gigio is set to forge his legend at Milan for the time being. One thing though, he's not signed on the dotted line, and nothing is definite until that happens.