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AC Milan target appears to rule out move to Italy

'Milan? No’ - it seems like Morata doesn’t want it.

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

The latest new on Alvaro Morata’s move to Milan? Well - it might not be happening, especially if the man himself is to be believed. Speaking to Mediaset in words picked up by The Daily Mail and La Gazzetta dello Sport, Morata seemed to rule out a move to Milan:

‘Milan? No, I certainly won't be in Italy. I want to continue here and it's difficult. I can only tell you what I read in the papers, I know nothing else.’

After gaining a Champions League winners medal - it seemed like it would be the perfect final chapter in Alvaro Morata’s Real Madrid career. Especially with news coming in thick and fast that Morata had agreed terms with Real Madrid. Especially considering that Milan’s transfer team flew out to Cardiff, likely to speak to Morata or his representatives.

Morata was a big target for Milan, and it seems like this news would be the reason for reports on Milan’s interest in Celtic’s Dembele to resurface. It wouldn’t be a huge blow for Milan to not sign Morata, but it would represent a big delay in their plans.