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Gianluigi Donnarumma could still sign with AC Milan

It’s not over - hold on tight.

FC Internazionale v AC Milan - Serie A Photo by Emilio Andreoli/Getty Images

Did you think the contract deal for Gianluigi Donnarumma was dead in the water? Think again. After Mino Raiola’s TV interview - things have changed.

According to a number of Italian publications, the family of Milan’s young goalkeeper are not happy about Raiola’s comments - and Milan will meet them regarding the situation as soon as today. This doesn’t mean that Gigio will sign, but it does mean that life has returned to the deal. It’s likely that Donnarumma’s relatives have taken umbrage over the fact that Mino controlled the deal; by his own admission, Raiola states that he cancelled negotiations and takes responsibility for it.

Further speculation has been stoked by the fact that Enzo Raiola is flying out to Poland to meet with Donnarumma to find out what he wants to do.

Gianluigi Donnarumma is yet to comment - but it is rather telling that the two most vocal people regarding the deal are his agent and the CEO of Milan, Fassone.

We knew the deal was dead. We all attended the wake, and got angry at the funeral. We all saw this contract negotiation die. As if by magic, it’s been resurrected - almost.