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Gianluigi Donnarumma hopes to stay at AC Milan

The Rossoneri prodigy wants a new Milan contract!

Italy Training Session And Press Conference Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

AC Milan seem to be in a spiral of bad news as of late. Their takeover by SES has hit the rocks, Suso - who has been a revelation - is being eyed up by clubs with big money and despite a win against Genoa in their last outing, a crushing loss to Juventus might have derailed their season.

The good news? Gianluigi Donnarumma wants to stay at Milan despite the uncertainty surrounding the future of the club. Donnarumma could easily lay a claim to being Serie A’s best player and would likely scoop the big award if not for the prowess of others, like Andrea Belotti. Still, the fact that a goalkeeper who has just turned 18 could be considered among the best players in Serie A is still an incredible notion.

Italian paper - la Gazzetta dello Sport got in touch with Donnarumma as he travelled to meet up with the Italian national team for their games with Albania and The Netherlands:

"I hope to stay because they are AC Milan. My agent will take care of the renewal” - Gigio Donnarumma speaking to Gazzetta

The interest is clearly there and Gigio’s wisest move - staying out of the negotiation - is where the renewals might fall apart for his representative is the infamous Mino Raiola who is more than wary of the situation at Milan. Mino is a fantastic agent who always seems to get the best deal for his roster of illustrious clients - but Milan might not be able to give Gigio the deal he deserves, which would be a big worry for Raiola and wouldn’t be in his interests of either him or Donnarumma. Wanting to stay at Milan is one thing, but being paid what you are worth by Milan? That’s another.

If Galliani and Berlusconi can pay Donnarumma what he deserves to secure his future at Milan - great! However it is his right as the best talent in the world at his position to seek a deal that works for him and Milan can’t give it to him, it will be their loss. That being said, Milan gave Donnarumma a chance from the age of 16 and the teams that will chase him upon his contract expiry in 2018 will be teams that won’t choose to play him instantly whereas in Milan, the goals at the San Siro are his to tend for eternity.