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Milan are set to ship Menez off to France!

Menez will undergo his medical test on Monday ahead of a move.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Jeremy Menez is set to go to Bordeaux on a free transfer once he completes his medical tests on Monday. The club will rid themselves of a hefty €2.4 million salary, possibly providing more room to pay for new acquisitions.

Menez will return to the Ligue 1, coming to Milan on a transfer from Paris Saint-Germain. The French striker was Milan's leading goal-scorer the year before last, but he struggled to return to his form last season after he was injured for the first half of the campaign. Menez is set to have a triennial contact at €2.5 million a year, similar to what Milan are paying him right now.

Milan will need to reinforce their attack, especially if Bacca decides to leave. Some options that Milan are rumored to be looking at are Zaza, Pavoletti, and a possible return of interest for Jackson Martinez, who snubbed Milan last year. Hopefully, we'll be able to make at least one purchase during this transfer window.