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What should Milan be looking for this transfer window?

Milan have a long list of things to do in this summer's mercato, these are their most important tasks.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

With the summer transfer market quickly approaching Milan should have a number of things on their "To Do' list. Here are three tasks that should be at the top of their list.

1. Find a Partner for Romagnoli

With both Alex and Philippe Mexes already leaving Milan, the Rossoneri will certainly be bringing in at least one new centreback to fortify the defence, but making that centreback a quality signing is an absolute priority. Alessio Romagnoli had a positive first season with Milan, but in order for him to take the next step in his development he requires a quality centreback partner who is experienced, yet young enough to grow with him. In order to acquire this player, Milan will have to get out their chequebook, but we witnessed last season that it pays to invest in your defence. Romagnoli cost a hefty €25 million, but based on his impressive play and his young age, no one is bringing up his pricetag. Milan were recently linked with Valencia defender Skhodran Mustafi, and Mustafi is a perfect example of the kind of defender Milan should be chasing - he's experienced, but is still plenty young enough to grow with Romagnoli. He's also a quality signing and comes with the added bonus of having Serie A experience. Whether it be Mustafi or a similar player, Milan must acquire a quality centreback that they can partner with Romagnoli for years to come.

2. Sign an Athletic All-Around Midfielder

For the past 2 seasons the biggest hole in Milan's squad has been the lack of an athletic, high energy midfielder who can handle all the duties of the midfield role. Juraj Kucka certainly had a good first season filling the box-to-box role, but his subpar passing and creativity make him a flawed player who is best used as depth option. Milan require a player in the mold of a Radja Nainggolan or a Blaise Matuidi, players who are well rounded and excel at multiple facets of the game instead of specializing in just one or two. Obviously players like Nainggolan and Matuidi are well out of Milan's reach, but lower cost options like Roberto Soriano are available if Milan look hard enough. Signing an athletic midfielder who is equally proficient at passing and tackling is an absolute must in order to improve Milan's sorry midfield.

3. Inject Some Creativity into the Squad

Last season Milan's biggest deficiency as a team was their inability to create chances and provide service to their excellent striker Carlos Bacca.  Aside from Giacomo Bonventura, Milan do not have a player in their squad who can consistently create quality chances and provide service to Bacca.  It is imperative that Milan sign players that possess creativity and can break down defences.  Whether it be a central midfielder like Mateo Kovacic, or a trequartista like Franco Vazquez, Milan must make adding a creative element to their squad a priority.