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Paulo Sousa, Christian Brocchi And Marcello Lippi On The List To Succeed Mihajlovic

With Conte set to join Chelsea, who's the best coach available to succeed Siniša Mihajlović?

ACF Fiorentina v UC Sampdoria - Serie A Photo by Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

The rumors about who will be Siniša Mihajlović's replacement getting more frequent every day, it's already clear that the Serbian won't be on AC Milan's bench next season.

The Rossoneri showed interest for Antonio Conte in the past few months, trying to hijack Chelsea's move, but now that the English club has made the signing of Italy boss official, their dreams are gone. For that reason, Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi are looking for other options to replace Mihajlović opening new scenarios for the future.

As reported by Il Corriere della Sera, it seems that Galliani and Berlusconi do not agree on the future coach's name so they had a meeting with Milan's former manager Arrigo Sacchi on Tuesday in order to get some suggestion. At the moment, it seems that the only two options they're considering are Christian Brocchi and Marcello Lippi but none of them looks like a really convincing option from an external point of view.

In effect, looking back at what happened with Filippo Inzaghi, they should be very careful to consider another move like that with Brocchi. The choice of an inexperienced coach doesn't pay off on a big stage like the Serie A, especially in a unstable environment like Milan, where he would have to manage a lot of players with a strong character. On the other hand, even signing a veteran manager like Lippi might not be a good idea. He's a determined person -- maybe too much for Berlusconi -- and has a lot of experience but he has always struggled with mediocre rosters like Milan's since his favorite playing style needs quality players and the Rossoneri don't have a lot of them.

An alternative to those two names could be Fiorentina manager Paulo Sousa who doesn't get along with his president, as reported by the radio show Tutti Convocati . The Portuguese coach might have the right mix of experience and fresh ideas that Milan need to be competitive again. However, it is still not clear if he's going to leave Fiorentina at the end of the season and this could complicate any potential negotiation between the two clubs.