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Mario Balotelli's Future Could Be In Rossonero

Adriano Galliani recently talked about Mario Balotelli's future, indicating that he might stay at Milan permanently.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

Another twist in the Saga of Super Mario! There have been manyf rumors about Mario Balotelli's future after his loan at AC Milan expires. Recently, both President Silvio Berlusconi and joint CEO Adriano Galliani spoke to the media and explained the club's plans are.

Outlets in Italy report that Zio Fester told Sky Sport reporters that they'll get in touch with Liverpool. The goal is to determine whether there is a possibility to sign the Italian striker permanently at the end of his loan. Given that he's on a free loan deal at Milan, the English club might ask for more than his real transfer value, but the Rossoneri seem to be prepared to make an economical sacrifice to keep Super Mario at the San Siro.

Berlusconi confirmed this idea during an interview to Italia 7Gold, as Sky Sport reports:

Ha straordinarie doti tecniche e fisiche, se riuscisse veramente a mostrare una propria maturazione, nel comportamento nella vita e in campo, a migliorare la posizione in campo, che non siamo ancora riusciti a imporgli, visto che è una punta ma svaria sempre sulle ali o nella nostra metà campo, se facesse queste cose, come l'allenatore garantisce, saremmo molto lieti anche di fare un sacrificio economico e tenerlo con noi.

Here's the translated version:

He has great technical and physical skills, if he really showed to be mature now, in his behavior on and off the field, improve his positioning on the pitch, as we've been trying for a long time with no results yet, because he's a striker but he still loves to move to the wings or even in our half of the field. If he did these things, as our coach promises, we'd be really glad to make an economical sacrifice in order to keep him with us.

His unique mix of physical and technical skills would make him an important piece for Milan's future. However, as Berlusconi said, they're still concerned about his growth as a player and can't say anything certain about his destination as the loan expires. Balotelli is also still recovering from the surgery he had in December, but he's improving quickly and showed the results of his hard work with a couple of amazing plays against Napoli, despite only playing a few minutes, so this might reassure them a bit.