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Milan complete €25 million Alessio Romagnoli signing

Milan completed their big defensive signing, securing one of the brightest young Italian defensive talents around.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

It's finally done -- after weeks and weeks of speculation, rumors, reports, and belief, Milan have signed defender Alessio Romagnoli from Roma.

The 20 year old joins Milan on a €25 million fee, slightly less than the originally reported €30 million Roma would be receiving. That comes with the catch that Roma will receive 25% of any transfer fee Milan get for Romagnoli in the future as long as it's over €25 million, a figure that, given Romagnoli's youth and talent, Milan could well be able to easily surpass.

While that seems to be an incredibly high fee for such a young defender, Romagnoli is arguably the brightest young talent in the entire Italian youth system, not just on the back line. Adding a crown jewel like that to your squad will cost big time, but Milan are in a position where they need to add that quality and that potential to their team to help rebuild themselves to the power they once were.

Romagnoli isn't just potential, though -- he showed last season with Sampdoria that he's really good right now, and he can definitely feature heavily in Milan's center back rotation right away. But Romagnoli's biggest value is in his potential, because he's given every impression that we're just scratching the surface on what he can do.

This is a huge signing for Milan, not just for the fee -- they just got a lot better, now and in the future. Now it's time to celebrate, and to get ready to enjoy watching Milan's newest star rise high.