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Zio Fester Could Still Be Milan's Ace In The Hole For This Tough Calciomercato

For any milanista, this is one of the most exciting and, at the same time, wearying calciomercato in the last five years, but things are becoming tougher and tougher in the last negotiations so Galliani's experience could still be Milan's ace in the hole in this kind of situation.

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Are you pessimistic about other teams turning down Milan's offers for their players? Do you have the feeling that things are becoming a bit tougher than expected? Are you afraid that Milan will not be able to buy all their target for this calciomercato? Maybe you're forgetting that we still have Adriano Galliani as our negotiator and maybe he could be the difference between a bad and a good mercato.

Case 1: The Young Gun

Roma have turned down two crazy offers for young defender Alessio Romagnoli -- the first one was worth about €20m and the second one €25m -- apparently trying to make things more difficult than expected for Milan. Anyone thought that El Shaarawy's transfer to Monaco would have led to a domino effect with players leaving Roma due to their desperate need of money to buy their main target Edin Dzeko, but that haven't really happened yet, surprisingly, so now the negotiation is not going anywhere apparently.

However, this is not what's really happening. Galliani has started a strategic war with Roma's Director of Football Walter Sabatini since his last refusal and he's now waiting for the best moment available to make the definitive offer - that would be worth less than €30m if possible. Mihajlović, who's been the only manager in Serie A to see Romagnoli work on a daily basis, really wants the young defender to be a Milan player sooner or later so it's very likely that Zio Fester will try to finalize a deal as soon as Roma come back from their Australian tour.

Case 2: The Savior Returns?

The never-ending negotiation with Paris Saint-Germain for Zlatan Ibrahimovic. That's the classic scenario where a team is trying to acquire a player with an expiring contract at the lowest price possible, but it's almost sure that whenever Zlatan -- and his agent Mino Raiola -- are involved in any rumor related to calciomercato can be tricky. That's the point: PSG are asking approximately €6m transfer fee but Milan want him (almost) for free and Mino Raiola would like to get a payout in case of transfer or a big contract extension - as if Ibra's current salary wasn't enough - for his player.

So there are three different positions involved and this means that Galliani's job will be making his stance prevail over the others, that's far from being easy. But don't worry milanisti, Zio Fester has already passed through this kind of situation and knows well that patience will be fundamental to get the job done: in effect, he was the man who stunned all the fans bringing Ibra to Milan in 2010 during the last day of calciomercato. It means that Galliani will seemingly wait until the last second available to finalize the cheapest deal possible for Milan in terms of transfer fee and contract.

Case 3: "To Witsel, or not to Witsel, that is the question"

Sorry Shakespeare. Milan seem to be interested in signing Axel Witsel, the Belgian midfielder who currently plays at Zenit, but it's not clear if they really want him to wear rossonero or not. What's sure is his value -- approximately €30m -- and the well-known toughness in negotiations of Russian clubs. Also, he would be tactically perfect in Mihajlović's 4-3-1-2 -- even if Milan would benefit more from a Thiago-like player -- since he is technically good, with great vision, defensively above the average and would relieve Nigel De Jong from playmaking responsibilities.

As reported, Zenit's valuation of the player is about €40m, which is how much they paid to Benfica when they bought him, but they seem open to lower the price to €35m and not a euro less. For that reason, Galliani is not convinced to make a real offer for him and maybe he's only bluffing just to make other clubs, like Chelsea -- who are reportedly making a €34m offer -- pay more than the player's real value. In any case, milanisti should be patient if they really want to know something more about this negotiation.


These are three "pathological" cases that may show the importance of having an expert CEO and businessman like Adriano Galliani as negotiator, but during this calciomercato there have already been examples of he was, and maybe is, a fundamental piece for Milan's success. Maybe Zio Fester is really getting older and could have done a better job in some situation, but milanisti should still trust him, at least for one last time.