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Nuovo Stadio Milano

AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit Ownership Documents To Milan’s City Council For New Stadium Project

Milan and Inter take steps forward after months of deadlock.

AC Milan Seriously Considering Going Solo For The New Stadium

Milan need the stadium to further improve their financial health and it seems they are willing to risk a solo project to achieve this goal.

AC Milan Could Decide To Develop New Stadium Alone If Inter Milan Drop Out

Milan are determined to bring this project to life.

Milan’s Mayor Says Inter Milan’s Lack Of Transparency Slowing Down Stadium Project

The project seems to be on hold until Inter clarify their ownership and source of investment.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit New Documents For Stadium But Issues Arise On Inter’s Potential Sale

The stadium looks likely to be delayed until Inter sort out their ownership situation.

Rossoneri Round Up for Dec 12: City Council Request More Clarifications From Milan and Inter Over New Stadium

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

Rossoneri Round Up for Dec 8: New Details Emerge On The Proposal For AC Milan's Nuovo Stadio Milano

Summary of Milan’s news and links for the day.

AC Milan President Paolo Scaroni Provides An Update On The Stadium Project

A 2021 start is desired with a goal to be completed ahead of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Reportedly Secure Major Banks To Back The Stadium Project

The project still is a ways off but the approval could be a huge first step.

Official: AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit New Plans For Nuovo Stadio Milano To The City Council

The project slowed down as changes were needed but this marks a key step forward.

Rossoneri Round Up for Jun 26: AC Milan President Says Stadium Design Choice To Be Made In Coming Weeks

Summary of Milan’s new for the day and links.

AC Milan Close To Agreement With Council Over Volume Issue; New Stadium Edging Closer

The two clubs are reportedly on the verge of overcoming another hurdle, how many to go before the final confirmation?

New Images Images Of Nuovo Stadio Milano Appear; San Siro Repurposed

The project seems to be vast and looks to add a lot to the area surrounding the stadium as per the new visuals.

Italy's Heritage Authority Reportedly Do Not Object To The Demolition Of The San Siro

The historic stadium is one step closer to being wiped away and with it closes a chapter in Milan's history.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Present Updated Plans For New Stadium To Municipality

The two firms have new plans that reflect the maintenance of part of the San Siro.

American Firm Purchase Land Near Proposed AC Milan Stadium; Primed For Shops and Restaurants

The firm will look to develop the area which works in favour of Milan and Inter's vision.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Getting Closer To Agreement With City Council Over New Stadium

The project seems to be progressing despite the global shutdown due to the coronavirus.

AC Milan and Inter Make Stadium Progress As Mayor Sala Provides Encouraging Statement

The two clubs are closer than ever to unlocking the permissions necessary to proceed.

AC Milan and Inter Close To Unlocking Stadium Approvals As New Agreements Reached With Municipality

The Mayor indicated optimism last week and a new report outlines two key compromises made by the clubs.

City Council of Milan votes to allow AC Milan and Inter to build a new stadium

The City Council of Milan has voted to allow both Milan and Inter to build a new stadium. However, there is a catch (sixteen of them in fact). Chief among them being that they will not be allowed to raze the San Siro in order to build their shiny, new, football cathedral, and will have to find a way to work not only around the stadium as it stands, but all of the sentiment attached to it as well.

Milan Municipality Is Blocking The Construction Of The Nuovo Stadio Milano; Renovation Preferred Over Demolition

AC Milan are stuck in the planning and implementation of the new stadium plans, here's the update.

AC Milan Management Make PR Blunders At Town Hall and Press Conference Infuriating Milan Residents and Fans

A New Stadium for Milan and Inter and The Beginning of A New Era

AC Milan and Inter revealed their plans for their brand new stadium that will be built in Milan during a special event that occurred earlier today. The stadium will represent the beginning of a new era for both teams.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Present Two Options For Their New Stadium to Replace the Iconic San Siro

The plans for the Nuovo Stadio Milano are revealed at last and they are sights to behold.

Rossoneri Round-Up for Sept 14: Mayor of Milan Proposes the Sale of San Siro to the Clubs

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Rossoneri Round-Up for Sept 13: Rumoured Plans and Potential Architects for Milan's New Stadium

Summary of Milan news for the day and links.

What to do with the San Siro? A look at the options as both AC Milan & Inter look to replace it

Is it right to demolish the current stadium or should we leave it standing?


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