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Nuovo Stadio Milano

The Stadium Project Is Central To The Sale Of AC Milan To Bahrain’s Investcorp

The project as has been stressed for years is key to unlocking more investment and taking the club back to the elite.

AC Milan President Discusses Delays To New Stadium Project

It has been over 1,000 days since the project was launched and barely any progress.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Engaging City Council But Will Explore Other Areas For New Stadium

The clubs are keen to get the project off the ground but keep getting battered by the bureaucracy.

Mayor of Milan Discusses Additional Delays To AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium Project

The project was expected to be completed in 2027 but the continuous struggle to get it off the ground keeps pushing it further back.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Consider Moving New Stadium project Away From San Siro Area

The bureaucracy is really hampering the process and the clubs seems frustrated.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Frustrated By City Council Over Delays With New Stadium

Another stumbling block as there will be an option to move to a new site.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Register Company To Finance The Nuovo Stadio Milano

The small steps are a good indication of the progress being made towards a ground breaking.

AC Milan and Inter Select The Cathedral For New Stadium

Milan and Inter take a key step toward realising their ambition for the future.

AC Milan CEO Acknowledges Significance Of San Siro and Importance Of A New Stadium

A change is needed or the club will not be able to compete with the top of Europe from a financial perspective.

AC Milan’s President and Inter Milan’s CEO Discuss The New Stadium Project and Design

The sides are eager to get started but the bureaucracy has hampered them to this point.

A Look At The Potential Positives Of The New AC Milan and Inter Stadium As Per The Council

This outlines the optimism around the regeneration of the area through the new stadium project.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Get Public Interest Approval For New Stadium

A major step forward for the clubs who will choose the winning project between Manica and Populous.

Milan Mayor Says Decision on AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium To Arrive Imminently

This is a major step for the project following two years of delays.

AC Milan and Inter Milan’s New Stadium Will Miss The 2026 Winter Olympics Target

The clubs will need to supplement their revenues through other streams for another five years.

Milan Mayor Gives Positive Update on AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium Project

The project could get some approvals this year ahead of a launch next year.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Hoping To Meet With Mayor Sala Next Week To Discuss New Stadium

The meeting will be important for some movement.

Mayor Sala Says The Decision Is His Regarding The New Stadium Of AC Milan

The project needs to take concrete steps forward by the end of the year of risks a massive delay.

AC Milan Inform City Council They Are Willing To Build New Stadium Alone

The Rossoneri are committed to kicking off the project as soon as possible.

Mayor Sala Wins Re-election, AC Milan and Inter Milan Want To Accelerate New Stadium

Hopefully the go ahead for the project arrives by the end of the year.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Leaning Toward Popolous Design For New Stadium

Milan could get an acceleration of the project at the end of this month.

AC Milan President and CEO Speak Confidently Regarding The New Stadium Project

There is optimism to kick off the project this year and be ready within four or five years.

CEO of Populous Discusses AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium Project

It looks like another delay is likely until the elections pass in another two months.

AC Milan’s President Provides A Positive Update On The New Stadium Plan

Milan desperately need the stadium to begin to compete with the top European clubs of today financially.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit Ownership Documents To Milan’s City Council For New Stadium Project

Milan and Inter take steps forward after months of deadlock.

AC Milan Seriously Considering Going Solo For The New Stadium

Milan need the stadium to further improve their financial health and it seems they are willing to risk a solo project to achieve this goal.

AC Milan Could Decide To Develop New Stadium Alone If Inter Milan Drop Out

Milan are determined to bring this project to life.

Milan’s Mayor Says Inter Milan’s Lack Of Transparency Slowing Down Stadium Project

The project seems to be on hold until Inter clarify their ownership and source of investment.

AC Milan and Inter Milan Submit New Documents For Stadium But Issues Arise On Inter’s Potential Sale

The stadium looks likely to be delayed until Inter sort out their ownership situation.

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