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AC Milan Announce First Formal Steps For Stadium In San Donato

Milan are aiming for a new stadium by 2028 but it will be tight, San Donato Council seem to be in favour however this is only step one.

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AC Milan have this week announced a huge step forward on their new stadium project as per the club website. The club are proceeding with the plan in San Donato to the south of Milan.

The Club today completed the first formal step - in view of the potential future submission of a full project plan - as it presented to the San Donato Milanese town council an Urban Development proposal for the “San Francesco” area.

The hypothesis is to construct an innovative, sustainable and multifunctional facility, which can accommodate around 70,000 spectators. Alongside the stadium, the project hypothesis also sees the facility hosting the new Club Museum, an AC Milan store, the Rossoneri’s new headquarters, a hotel, and an entertainment district, as well as an Energy Centre for the production of sustainable power.

The Club has entrusted CAA ICON, a leading international project management and strategic advisory firm, to carry out the implementation of the project, while MANICA, one of the world’s most prestigious architecture studios, will be the Design Architect tasked with developing plans for a new stadium and the entire entertainment district.