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AC Milan Announce New Partnership With Italian Saffron Producer Oro Rosso

The club continues their sustainable approach by on-boarding partners to boost revenues and visibility.

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AC Milan

AC Milan have officially announced on their website a new partnership with Oro Rosso Milano, Italian saffron producer that is getting ready to launch its brand in the domestic and international market soon.

Oro Rosso Milano stands out in the international market for the quality of its product, with bulbs grown in Italy and then processed in Uzbekistan, which is known for its history of spice production. Local Uzbek artisans are renowned for their ability to transform the raw ingredients into the finished product, ensuring the process results in very high quality so that the saffron may be used in both the catering and pharmaceutical industries, thanks to the plant’s many medicinal benefits.

AC Milan and Oro Rosso Milano have thus embarked on a journey based on a mutual hunger for excellence and passion, which distinguish the two brands in their respective sectors. The side continue to grow and expand the brand off the pitch.