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AC Milan and eBay Sign Huge Partnership Agreement For Marketplace

The global marketplace becomes the Official Marketplace of the Rossoneri through a deal that includes the opening of an AC Milan store on

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AC Milan

AC Milan and eBay are pleased to announce a new partnership on the club’s website, which sees the leading marketplace in global commerce become the Official Marketplace of the Rossoneri.

The new partnership is based on the sharing of objectives and values by these two global brands with the concept of passion at the heart of the agreement. On the one hand, eBay positions itself as the ”marketplace of passions” to its community, where users, who share the same interests, can find whatever they are looking for to satisfy their passions. On the other, there is AC Milan, which provides unique experiences to its 500 million fans around the world, driven every day by their dedication for red and black colours.

A perfect union that is reinforced by the opening of the AC Milan store on, where all Rossoneri fans will be able to enjoy an exclusive experience that will allow them to purchase original products of their favourite team.