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Mayor Of Sesto San Giovanni Says The Area Is Ready and Willing For New AC Milan Stadium

The development of the club off the pitch is fundamental and the bureaucracy continues to hamper this progress.

Nuovo Stadio Milano

As we have previously reported, AC Milan and Inter Milan are growing in frustration over the new stadium project to the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza and redevelop the San Siro area using The Cathedral design from Populous. The numerous delays from the city council of Milan are causing the clubs to look at the surrounding areas to host the new stadium as there is a desire to open this in 2027 to boost the revenues of the club and compete with Europe’s elite from a financial perspective.

The stand out alternative has been the area of Sesto San Giovanni and the site of the former Falck Steel Works. The new owner of Milan Gerry Cardinale has even spoken to the mayor Roberto di Stefano since the sale of the club.

The mayor has made a number of public statements and continues to keep himself in the headlines with declarations around the viability of the site and a willingness to host the Nuovo Stadio Milano project in another statement via

“We are working on it, but it doesn’t depend on just us. In any case, we would be ready immediately. It’s a private area and the owner agrees to the sale, while the council agrees as well. Only the green light is missing from the clubs.”