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Mayor of Sesto San Giovanni Discusses AC Milan’s New Stadium Project and Meeting With New Owners

There is growing frustration around the slow movement of the San Siro redevelopment project and a new area is becoming more and more attractive.

AC Milan

Roberto di Stefano, the mayor of Sesto San Giovanni has spoken tot Gazzetta dello Sport providing an update on his conversation with AC Milan’s new owner Gerry Cardinale regarding the stadium project. He provided the following update:

“It was positive and we will update again. He viewed the area, together with technicians from MilanoSesto and Milan. He wanted to understand the potential of the area, the services, which they are now analysing. I realise that there are many variables: we are available, now the ball passes to the clubs, who will have to evaluate times, costs and certainty of investment.”

The mayor gave another interview to Gazzetta dello Sport explaining how the project could work:

On timelines: “Here, in the case, we would be ready right away. The area is private and its owner agrees on the transfer, the municipal administration agrees. In other words: all that would be missing is the green light from the clubs.”

On breaking ground: “Why should Milan and Inter choose Sesto? Because there are no criticalities. Because the costs would be lower. Because within 18 months the first stone could be laid, while at San Siro I don’t know. They are areas that have already been demolished and almost completely reclaimed. In other words, there is nothing to pull down, the area is already available.”

On reduced bureaucracy: “Moreover, since it is a private area, there would be no need for public debate. I would also not overlook the timing: when funds are involved, it is an indispensable aspect in terms of capitalisation. I realise that I am involved in the affair, but the strengths of this project are many and do not end there.”