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AC Milan’s New Owner Meets With Paolo Maldini Over Renewal and Summer Transfer Market

The new management have reiterated a desire to win and running with the current management team is crucial to that.

AC Milan are reporting that AC Milan are focused on renewing the contract of Technical Director Paolo Maldini imminently followed the sale of the club to RedBird Capital Partners. The renewal should be announced in the coming weeks but Maldini and Massara should continue working on the summer transfer market now.

Antonio Vitiello reported that Cardinal met with Paolo Maldini at the Cafe Bistrot in Casa Milan yesterday to discuss the plans for the future and his renewal. The outcome of the meeting was positive and Vitiello quotes:

“The priority for RedBird is to continue working with the sports area and the management of the Club to give continuity to the path of Milan , aiming for a return to the top of world football”.

The new owner Gerry Cardinale declared in the interviews at Casa Milan:

“With Maldini, we are going forward together.”

He also importantly added “I don’t like losing, I want to win.”