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AC Milan Manager Gets Another Coach Of The Year Award and Discusses The Season

What an amazing story for the 55 year old to be written into the history books of a grand club like Milan!

Stefano Pioli has been awarded the best coach in Serie A for the 2021/22 season. He received the Bulgarelli Award for winning the Serie A title with AC Milan and making history with the youngest squad to do so in the three points era.

Pioli spoke to DAZN via and discussed his growth and the team in the incredible season:

On his squad: “Certain results do not come by chance. A great empathy has been created in the group. When you create certain dynamics in the locker room it is also easier for us coaches to work. The more experienced have helped the young players.”

On the crucial games this season: “There are two: certainly the comeback in the derby. After the defeat in the Coppa Italia, the reaction in Rome against Lazio was the turning point.”

On his staff: “I am fortunate to have a very complete team of collaborators from all points of view. I ask them to give me the data of the individual matches. There is a lot of data. We have made our own diary and we focus on that.

“I am not interested in ball possession, but I am interested in territorial superiority, the chances made, the high recoveries. Physical data tells you that pairs of players can do more. Then there are the sensations of training, which are fundamental to understand the feeling of the player and then you try to let someone play more lucid.”

On his growth: “I have always tried to keep up to date. When I realised that I had players willing to change, it was important while maintaining certain game values.”

On the next season: “There will be great emotion and great positivity. We have to play with the desire to be competitive in Italy and in Europe. It will take great determination and preparation.”