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Investcorp Suspend Talks To Purchase AC Milan This Summer From Elliott Management

The bid was exciting for fans and the team alike but now it seems we are set for American ownership who may be restrictive on the investment.


Reuters journalist Simon Evans is reporting that AC Milan’s purchase by Bahraini fund Investcorp has been put on hold as the buyer have suspended their bid. There seems to have been a divergence on some key points leading to this. There have been concerns expressed for weeks now but it seems the approach will collapse right at the end.

In a recent interview, Investcorp’s Co-CEO spokes to Gulf News via Milan Eye and said the following:

“Is Milan a done deal? At this stage, it’s not possible to comment. But it’s a fact that Investcorp hasn’t had any direct exposure to sporting franchises anywhere. ... Let’s leave aside any AC Milan deal for now.”

This comes after a very public approach to buy the club which the Bahraini fund is set to miss out on as there are reports of an agreement with American fund RedBird Capital Partners as of yesterday.