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AC Milan Primavera Beat Genoa 4-2 To Avoid Relegation From Primavera 1

The side live to fight another day as they need to refocus and seriously prepare for the upcoming season.

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AC Milan

AC Milan Primavera have miraculously survived relegation in the Primavera 1 after moving away from manager Federico Giunti in the final weeks of the campaign. Milan Primavera beat Genoa 4-2 at Vismara this weekend to ensue they remain in the top flight of the youth leagues for another season despite a poor campaign.

Marco Nasti - who has been a standout performer this season - scored a brace to end his campaign on 16 goals for the side. Mattia El Hilali and Giovanni Robotti scored a goal apiece to secure the win and keep the side up. Milan came from 2-1 down to win the encounter 4-2 to ensure new coach Christian Terni.

The coach said after the game via Milan site, “It wasn’t easy: we encountered a strong opponent today but managed to create a real fighting spirit. Having gone a goal behind, the team came out fighting, with the determination to turn things around. If the lads’ desire to work hard and question themselves wasn’t there, we wouldn’t have achieved this result.”