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UEFA Agree To Make Massive Changes To Champions League Format From 2024/25

The UCL as we know it is no more.


UEFA Have approved changes to the Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League from the 2024/25 season onwards.

The governing body will introduce the so-called “Swiss system,” which entails a league based system as with 8 one off games and no two legs. The following are the key changes for the UCL:

  • The total numbers of teams rises from 32 to 36.
  • Each team plays 8 league games again 8 different teams (four at home and four away)
  • The top eight sides in the league automatically qualify for the knock outs
  • The remaining 8 slots will be decided by two legged play offs between the teams placed 9th to 24th in the table.

The four additional places created by the increase from 32 to 36 teams in the league phase of the UEFA Champions League will be allocated as follows:

• One place will go to the club ranked third in the championship of the association in fifth position in the UEFA national association ranking.

• One place will be awarded to a domestic champion by extending from four to five the number of clubs qualifying via the so-called “Champions Path”.

• The final two places will go to the associations with the best collective performance by their clubs in the previous season (total number of points obtained divided by the number of participating clubs). Those two associations will earn one place for the club best ranked in the domestic league behind the UEFA Champions League positions.

• The UEFA Executive Committee once again confirmed that all games before the final will still be played midweek, recognising the importance of the domestic calendar of games across Europe.