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AC Milan President Discusses Rival Bids To Buy The Club and Stadium Progress

The process seems to be in full swing and confirmation are likely to arrive toward the end of the month as the league ends.

Atletico Madrid v AC Milan: Group B - UEFA Champions League Photo by Claudio Villa/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan’s President, Paolo Scaroni spoke to ANSA via to discuss some key issues ahead of the end of the season.

On the purchase of the club: “I don’t know about critical issues with InvestCorp. I understand that there are two offers and it takes time to complete the scope of the offer, understand them well and to compare them. I am not the right interlocutor, I am only the object of the offer. It is not a process that concerns Milan, I do not even take care of it for a minute.”

On the new stadium: “The project for the construction of the new AC Milan stadium is a work in progress. I am optimistic and reasonably certain that AC Milan will have a new stadium in Milano or in greater Milano. There is also a public consultation. There is an ongoing process that we are carrying on. In a couple of months this process will be finished.”