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AC Milan President Discusses Delays To New Stadium Project

It has been over 1,000 days since the project was launched and barely any progress.

AC Milan At ‘Restore The Music: Milan’ Event Photo by Claudio Lavenia/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan’s President Paolo Scaroni discussed the stadium project on Radio24 via Sempre Milan:

Do Milan and Inter continue to have the same vision?

“Milan and Inter have the same vision because they have the same ambitions, first and foremost to have a leading role in European football. The stadium is a fundamental ingredient, if not the most important, to be successful.

“It is incredible that a city like Milano does not have an avant-garde stadium as happens in other European cities. I understand the nostalgic, but Milano must be an avant-garde city.”

Have you given yourself a deadline?

“What I think was missing is that this project has remained the project of Milan and Inter and not of the Council of Milan. There is still something only for the two clubs and instead it is not so, it is a project for Milan.

“One of the reasons for which we look outside Milano is because we will marry the project with the shortest realisation times, we urgently need to have a new stadium. I want to remember that San Siro is iconic because Milan and Inter have played there.

“If the stadium is famous in the world it is thanks to the two clubs. If the two teams go to play somewhere else, that place will become famous thanks to Milan and Inter.”

What is the current situation of the stadium?

“I have been informed about the public debate. The times can be shortened for the public debate and I hope it can happen in Milan as well. We will proceed to give all the elements for the public debate to the Municipality.

“I want to remind you that the clubs with which Milan and Inter play in Europe they have stadium revenues that are three times our own. We cannot think of competing against those who have too much higher income than ours. When you have a new stadium, the number of spectators increases by 50%. For us, the economic sustainability of the club is essential.”