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LEAKED: AC Milan Home Shirt For 2022/23 To Have Special Element

The shirt would be a stunning one if the predictions are right. have leaked the AC Milan home and away shirts for next year through predictions over the past week. Now some additional details have emerged regarding the home short for next season. The shirt is expected to have thick red and black stripes on the front which do not extend to the top of the shirt. There is expected to be a black patch across the top of the shirt below the shouldeers. The accents will be in white such as the Puma logo and Emirates sponsor logo as well as the Bitmex sleeve logo and Wefox back logo.

The new details that has emerged is that the sleeves will be fully black and will have cuffs on the sleeve in the colours of the Italian flag. The shirt uses Puma’s ultraweave template. The colour will be ‘black’ and ‘tango red’ just as the current season. You can see the shirt and details below.