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AC Milan President Discusses Moving The Stadium Project Away From San Siro

The move is getting likelier and likelier as the delays continue within Milan.

AC Milan At ‘Restore The Music: Milan’ Event Photo by Claudio Lavenia/AC Milan via Getty Images

AC Milan president Paolo Scaroni spoke at the Il Foglio event about the Nuovo Stadio Milano project and the potential change of ownership. Here is what he had to say via Sempre Milan:

On a possible move out of Milan: “When we talk about outside Milan, we are talking about outside Milan in relative terms. We are not thinking of going 50km away from Milan, it would be an area that the Milanese consider part of their city. With each passing day the hypothesis becomes more and more realistic.”

On the San Siro area: “I consider the San Siro area too full when there are matches and too empty when there aren’t any.”

On the project: “After 1000 days, after having renounced the volumes that the law on stadiums granted us, we are also willing to have a public debate. I hope that after the debate it will stop being the project of Milan and Inter and become a project of the city ​​of Milan. The Council must strongly want this project and it must want it quickly. I hope that the public debate will be the last step.”

On the urgency of the new stadium: Real Madrid collects 145 million a year from the stadium, Milan 34. How can the fans think that we can compete with teams that gross 5 times more than us? The stadium is an absolute urgency. As soon as we have the executive project approved we will begin. Whether it is at San Siro or elsewhere.”

On the possible change of ownership: “Regardless of who will be the new owner of Milan, the idea is always the same: a new stadium is needed. The theme of who owns the club is irrelevant, even the mayor thinks so.”

On sharing a stadium: “The whole San Siro project was born in total sharing between Milan and Inter. Even our supporters, who are obviously divided when there are matches, do not have conflicts as happens in other cities.”