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LEAKED: AC Milan’s Away Shirt For The 2022/23 Season

A clean cut design which looks similar to the third shirt from the 2010/11 season. have once again in quick succession leaked the away shirt of AC Milan for the upcoming 2022/23 season just a few days following the leak of the home shirt which we covered here.

The leak is a prediction which is expected to be about 70% accurate similar to the previous one. The shirt will be white with thin horizontal red stripes across the front of the shirt. The Puma logo and Emirates sponsor are expected to be in red. The red will be ‘tango red.’ There is no clarity on whether the shirt will feature any black as all of the Puma away shirts up till now have had a black element in the away shirt in the form of a stripe (2018), a should line and Puma logo (2019), the Puma logo and sponsor (2020) and the Puma logo (2021).

The shirt is expected to launch in July 2022 a month ahead of the new season.

See the leaked prediction below.