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Journalist Discusses The Management and Investment Style Of AC Milan’s Potential New Owners

The key is long term and sustainable.


Sempre Milan spoke to a journalist from Il Sole 24 Ore regarding the sale of AC Milan to Bahraini fund Investcorp. Marco Bellinazzo in the interview discussed the potential style of management they will likely implement:

“The attitude of the Bahraini fund is a bit halfway between that of sovereign funds that state-control clubs like PSG and Manchester City and that of a hedge fund like Elliott that aims for an economic return, say in the time span of 3-5 years.”

“It is no coincidence that for Investcorp we are talking about an investment with a time horizon of ten years which obviously aims at an economic return but also at an enhancement in terms of sports and image, i.e. winning things.”

“This is a fundamental element for Investcorp’s shareholder fund, namely Mubadala, which signed an agreement with the sovereign fund of Bahrain no later than December 2021 and which wanted to invest in sport as a soft-power tool for the reaffirmation of the image of the kingdom in the Western economy.”