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LEAKED: AC Milan Home Shirt For 2022/23 To Take Inspiration From 2000/01 Season

The side will likely get a nice classic look if the mock up is accurate.

AS Photo Archive Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images have leaked the design concept for AC Milan’s 2022/23 season home shirt. The jersey will reportedly take inspiration from the shirt worn in 2001/2002. The prediction of the shirt on the site is expected to be 75%-80% accurate to the image below.

The shirt is expected to have different striped, in this case, three large red stripes and two black ones with the borders. Borussia Dortmund are also expected to get a set of different stripes from Puma.

The leak comes from @hendocfc who created the mock up above. The key thing to note is that the stripes are not expected to go all the way to the top hence the kit should likely have some black space at the top of the shirt. The Puma shirts are expected to have a unified design language.

There is expected to be a standout design element such as a stripe or geometric design that unifies all the Puma shirts for the season.