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Official Confirmation Arrives Of Exclusive Talks Between AC Milan and Investcorp Over Purchase

The talks seem to be advanced and progressing well to get such positivity from an embassy and a direct message from the executive chairman of the fund just days apart.


Wow, what is happening. After all the drama and rumours with Bernard Arnaut, Mr. X, Li Yonghong and even that random Alexandr Jucov guy, we finally have a serious interested and confirmed player at the table to buy AC Milan from Elliot Management.

An official confirmation of the talks has arrived from the Bahrain Embassy in London on the Twitter page which reads:

#Bahrain based asset manager @Investcorp has entered in exclusive talks to buy Italian #SerieA club #ACMilan for $1.1 billion.

Investcorp was founded in 1982, offers a diverse and truly global investment portfolio and manages over $42 billion in assets across the globe

As we reported here, the club is being valued at about $1.1 billion including debts and the stadium project. This would represent the first entry of a Middle East based fund into Italian football but the model exists with the likes of Manchester City, Paris St Germain and even now Newcastle United benefitting greatly from the cash injections.