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AC Milan’s Management Expected To Remain The Same If Investcorp Buy The Club

The current crop of management have done insanely well both on and off the pitch hence deserve to stay.


ANSA via are reporting that talks between AC Milan and Investcorp over a takeover are in full swing as the fund conducts their due diligence. The report staters that it will not likely complete prior to the end of the current season next month. Al Arabiya alongside ANSA add that the executive chairman of the fund Mohammed Al-Ardhi is leading the talks which says a lot about the importance of this acquisition to them.

Antonio Vitiello is reporting that the management is expected to remain the same following the takeover as the current project is appreciated and maintains continuity. He adds that the stadium is a central part of the project and adds that the summer mercato will be important but there will be no extortionate spending.

Daniele Longo on the other hand believes there are no guarantees that the current management is kept in place but does believe two summer deals are already done and will complete regardless, those of Divock Origi from Liverpool FC and Sven Botman from LOSC Lille.