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The Stadium Project Is Central To The Sale Of AC Milan To Bahrain’s Investcorp

The project as has been stressed for years is key to unlocking more investment and taking the club back to the elite.

AC Milan

As reported in recent days here, AC Milan could be sold to Bahraini investment fund Investcorp in a $1.1 billion deal. Now reports are emerging about the importance of the stadium project to swing the deal over the finish line or to cause issues.

Eurosport via are reporting that a potential stumbling block for the deal is the stadium issue. A new stadium is fundamental for a football club to grow revenues but the bureaucracy in Italy has hampered Milan’s plans under Elliot. The new fund will reportedly want the final go-aheads before completing the deal as this provides certain crucial assurances.

Calcio e Finanza interestingly add that given the arrival of the fund, the project could change as Milan could break away from Inter Milan and pursue their own stadium ending the sharing model. In this case, it is likely that Inter would remain at the San Siro while Milan build a new stadium.

The executive chairman of Investcorp also fuelled speculation tweeting the following after the win over Genoa this past weekend:

“Congratulations to #ACMilan back on top of the italian league. Happy Easter to the club, it’s fans and everyone observing this occasion #SempreMilan.”