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Former AC Milan Striker Discusses The Current Squad and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The striker was part of the 1999 title squad under Zaccheroni who have quite a few parallels to this season.

COP26 Summit - Day Two Photo by Yves Herman - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Former AC Milan striker and current President of Liberia, George Weah spoke to Calcio Mercato and discussed the club as well as the current crop of players.

On the current squad: “Do I watch? Little, in truth. I know that they are having a great season and that they can win the Scudetto, I hope so. But I am unable to make judgments.”

“I know it’s a young team, I’ve spoken to Maldini a few times, we often exchange messages. He is happy, optimistic, he talked to me about some players like Leao and Theo Hernandez, but I don’t know them so well to express personal judgments. Paolo is a Milan man inside, one who can only do the good of the club. And he understands a lot about football.”

On Ibrahimovic and old age: “Ibra is a legend, he has passion, if the coach gives him confidence he is right to continue. After all, I played with Pietro Vierchowod, who has been on the pitch over 40 years of age and Paolo also reached that age. It is possible, if there is enthusiasm and health. And we want to talk about Buffon, he still plays, right? How old is he? He could get to 50!

“He must know that, I too would have liked to continue, but at 36 I couldn’t take it anymore, too many injuries, it comes to a certain point that you can no longer train, when instead you should train more than young people. And so I stopped.”