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AC Milan and Inter Milan Consider Moving New Stadium project Away From San Siro Area

The bureaucracy is really hampering the process and the clubs seems frustrated.

AC Milan

Corriere della Sera via are reporting that AC Milan and Inter Milan could look to other areas of Milan and it’s outskirts for the Nuovo Stadio Milano project given the constant issues with the rehabilitation of the San Siro area where the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza currently stands.

The San Siro lies to the west of the city centre connected by the metro on the M5 line. Each of the three locations outlined below would be slightly further from the centre.

  1. Sesto San Giovanni - Close proximity to the city centre with good metro link with the M1. This location is north of the city centre.
  2. San Donato - Close to the city centre as well with metro link via the M3 as well as proximity to the Linate airport. This location is south of the city centre.
  3. Segrate - Slightly further away with no existing metro line but plans are there for future expansion. This location is east of the city centre.

Gazzetta dello Sport via are reporting that the two clubs are set to appoint Beppe Bonomi to be the project coordinator which could signal a plan for ‘The Cathedral’ to be built in Sesto San Giovanni on the site of the former Falck Steel Works.