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LEAKED: AC Milan Set To Release Fourth Kit In Collaboration With NemeN

Another one, this seems to be a core part on the revenue strategy now. Hopefully we do not do as much as Napoli. have leaked the rumoured AC Milan fourth kit for the 2021/22 season. The drop has been confirmed with the release date set for tomorrow. The shirt is developed as a partnership between Milan, Puma and NemeN Italy - a technical design brand built around traditional tailoring and heritage. Puma and NemeN have a history of collaboration hence this falls into the category of recently released shirts with other collaborators such as BALR last season.

The shirt will reportedly be worn in games as it features the Serie A logo on the sleeve. The design has classice red and black stripes with white graphics on the shoulders and the bottom of the shirt. It goes with white shorts and socks. The Milan logo, Emirates sponsor and Puma x NemeN logo will all be in solid white on the shirt. The shirt will likely be available for purchase on the club website.

The club have officially teased the shirt on their Twitter announcing a release date of 01.04.22. (If only the design were an April Fool’s Joke).