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AC Milan and Inter Milan Frustrated By City Council Over Delays With New Stadium

Another stumbling block as there will be an option to move to a new site.

AC Milan

AC Milan and Inter Milan are stuck yet again with the Nuovo Stadio Milano project as no significant steps have been taken forward since the issuance of the public interest resolution.

Inter’s CEO Alessandro Antonello has spoken about it to Gazzetta via Calcio Mercato to say:

“We continue with the same unity of purpose, the one we have shown in all the project activities. We both want a modern, avant-garde facility, which will remain for future generations, which will live up to the clubs’ prestige.

“We do not want to put pressure on the administration: we respect all the administrative phases as much as possible. We know that there are obstacles and delays in the bureaucracy, but in these cases it is uncertainty that is the worst thing: the only ‘public debate’ could last a year.

“If all the planned procedures, including the same debate plus any referendums and appeals, lead to an extension of the project execution ‘time line’, at that point the clubs could only evaluate other projects with a more restricted planning.

“We are obviously available to clarify all the design elements to the committees, even if all the documentation is available to the technical offices. The determination is that both clubs have to equip themselves with a new stadium.”

“If we were forced to give up the original project, it would certainly be a defeat for everyone. But it is more important to have a facility that matches the top European clubs. But if it were to be built in the metropolitan area, which we can consider completely organic in Milano, Inter and Milan would still remain attached to the values ​​of the city and their history.”