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Mayor of Milan Discusses Additional Delays To AC Milan and Inter’s New Stadium Project

The project was expected to be completed in 2027 but the continuous struggle to get it off the ground keeps pushing it further back.

Olympic Flag Arrives In Milan for Milano Cortina 2026 Handover Photo by Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images

AC Milan and Inter Milan could look at alternative areas for their new stadium as the redevelopment of the current San Siro area and stadium continues to hit roadblock after roadblock which pushes out the timelines hurting the clubs financially. There is a lot of confusion around the decision making processes at the Mayor’s office.

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala spoke to the press yesterday via Pianeta Milan to say:

“I hope that the new stadium will be built, however, given the timing and the fact that there are appeals, we can rule out that there will be another stadium for the opening ceremony of the 2026 Winter Olympics.”

“There will be this San Siro. The new stadium? I don’t want to wash my hands of it because I can’t, but what I had to do I did, and that is to declare the public interest through a council resolution.

“Now the question is whether this public debate should be held or not. I understand that the timing in this way is further lengthened, but it would not change much given the appeals that have already been there.

“If the teams intend to look at other options than San Siro, it is within their rights, but of course that would be a shame. I can’t do more than this. I am very worried about being left with this empty stadium, without Milan and Inter, as I don’t see potential reuse.

“We continue the dialogue respecting the rules, but it is no coincidence that few stadiums have been made in Italy. From this point of view our country is complicated.”