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AC Milan’s Chief Communications Officer Discusses The Brand, The Reputation and The Future

This is the vision behind all the new targeted engagement.

The AC Milan Badge Photo by Visionhaus/Getty Images

AC Milan’s Chief Communications Officer, Pier Donato Vercellone spoke to Forbes on the Rossoneri brand and their reputational capital.

“Our goal is to further strengthen the emotional bond with the fans and with all the stakeholders. Through the construction of a communication strategy and a narrative that can contribute to considering AC Milan among the football clubs with the best reputation in the world.”

“No sector like this tests the ability and preparation of a structure dedicated to communication. The balanced management of passion and emotion, the ability to activate resilient communication, carefully handling backlashes and up & downs in the world of football, they are fundamental elements to be able to preserve the reputation of the club.”

“No sector like football catalyses the passions and attentions of millions of people. He is constantly under the magnifying glass of the media, stakeholders and millions of fans.”

“European football actually seems to offer a great opportunity to those who are ready to invest and perhaps even to risk. Obviously, in order to be able to generate value, it is also necessary to work on the transformation of the organisational culture, developing components that are still little considered up to now, but are extraordinarily relevant in view of the evolution of the global economy.”

“Such as the value elements related to ESGs [Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance], sustainability and reputational dimensions. At AC Milan we aim to be perceived as a sports brand with a high global reputation, considered innovative and avant-garde, expressing a vision of football, on and off the pitch.”

“Football is pure passion and emotional bond, essential prerequisites for an engaging and captivating storytelling. But we must be aware that, more than in other areas, there is a need to channel all this emotionality, to structure a path that is effective in the medium-long term, integrating the multiple touchpoints, tools and channels, on a global scale.”

“In football, it is not enough to be considered a Lovemark because in their own way all brands tend to want to become one. In order to excel, you need to be able to make as many people fall in love as possible through different modalities, cultural approaches and relationship dynamics.”

“But, above all, you need to have ‘increased sensitivity’ to keep the emotional bond alive. We must project forward, without fear, towards the future. Looking beyond, with great love.”