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AC Milan Raise Club Shirt Value To About 40 Million Euros Per Year

The sponsorship team continue to do some amazing work that helps the club remain financially healthy.

Calcio e Finanza are reporting that with the announcement of Wefox Italia as a new shirt sponsor by AC Milan, the value of the club’s shirt is now at about 40 million euros which is a dramatic rise from the 2020/21 season alone. The breakdown of shirt sponsors per year is as follows:

Emirates - front - 14 million euros

Puma - technical - 13 million euros

Wefox - back - 6-8 million euros

Bitmex - sleeve - 5-6 million euros

In addition to these, there is the Banco BPM shirt sponsorship for the women’s team.

Gazzetta dello Sport are reporting that Milan are now focused on renegotiating their agreement with the principal sponsors Emirates and Puma. The report notes that exploratory talks already took place when the Milan management visited the EXPO 2020 in Dubai a few weeks ago. The current Emirates deal expires in 2023 (3 year deal) while the Puma one lasts until 2023 (5 year deal).