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AC Milan and Inter Milan Register Company To Finance The Nuovo Stadio Milano

The small steps are a good indication of the progress being made towards a ground breaking.

AC Milan

Calcio e Finanza are reporting that AC Milan and Inter Milan have created their financing vehicle for the Nuovo Stadio Milano project. The stadium will be built through project financing and is expected to be completed in 2027. The stadium will be ‘The Cathedral’ by Populous as the decision was made late last year as we reported here.

The project will be repaid through revenue from the new stadium as the two clubs look to get 90% of the costs as a loan. The loan-to-value ratio is high but the clubs are confident of being able to sell out the new stadium when the construction is complete the pay off the debt.

The clubs have created a company called MI Stadio in which both Milan and Inter hold 50% of the shares. The company will be used for all activities related to the stadium project. The company will be used as the financing vehicle for the stadium for which costs will be paid from.