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AC Milan Have A Big Chance To Gain Points On League Leaders Inter Milan In February

Milan need to remain focused and not tail off following the big wins.


The month of February presents a big opportunity for AC Milan to gain points in the league and potentially launch an assault for the top spot in Serie A. Following the two big derby wins, Milan have winnable games coming up but cannot get complacent. Each of the direct competitors for the top four spots have at least one big game this month and the hope is for them to drop some points.

Milan vs Sampdoria (Sunday 13th Feb)

Milan vs Salernitana (Saturday 19th Feb)

Milan vs Udinese (Sunday 27th Feb)

The Rossoneri have a good chance of picking up some additional points if their direct competitors slip up.

Inter Milan vs Napoli (Saturday 12th Feb)

Inter also play Liverpool in the Champions League in the midweek after.

Napoli vs Inter Milan (Sunday 12th Feb)

Lazio vs Napoli (Sunday 27th Feb)

Napoli then face Barcelona in the Europa League in the midweek after Inter.

Juventus vs Atalanta (Sunday 13th Feb)

Juventus vs Torino (Friday 18th Feb)

Juventus then face Villarreal in the Champions League in the midweek following Atalanta.