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Official: The AC Milan Women sign midfielder Celeste Boureille

Yay Area!

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AC Milan

It’s official: Celeste Boureille has joined AC Milan. The midfielder left their previous team, the Portland Thorns, and will join Milan for the rest of the season. She will also wear the number 16 shirt, as per an official statement.

Boureille brings with her a wealth of experience along with positional versatility. The player can play in the defense as a right-back or left centre-back, but their main position is that of a right centre-midfielder. They will, therefore, be a reinforcement to Milan’s midfield and bolster their depleted ranks.


The player has also scored five goals and registered three assists throughout their career (InStat). Boureille also hails from San Francisco, CA, which makes her the first-ever American to play for the Milan Women.

The Rossonere are reinforcing for the second half of the season where the side needs to gain points on their rivals to finish in a UWCL spot.

Let’s hope her stay at Milan is a fruitful one.

Benvenuta, Celeste.