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AC Milan and Emirates Airlines Renew Partnership For Another Three Years

A milestone for the management to have boosted the deal and secured a big annual revenue for the next few years.

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AC Milan

AC Milan have confirmed and announced on their website the renewal of the principal sponsorship deal with UAE’s Emirates Airlines for another three years. The club has been sponsored on the shirt by the Middle Eastern airline since 2010 and the deal takes the partnership to 2025 which will culminate in a 15 year collaboration. Emirates began their partnership with the club in 2007 before the elevation to the jersey in 2010.

The iconic Emirates ”Fly Better” logo will continue to prominently feature on the men’s First team’s playing jerseys across all of the Club’s season fixtures. Emirates branding will also appear on youth jerseys across all national and international AC Milan Academies around the world, with the mission to share the positive values of football through the initiatives of the Club’s Academies. In addition to the airline’s high-profile jersey sponsorship, the agreement will also continue to include highly visible signature Emirates branding across San Siro Stadium, as well as hospitality, ticketing and other marketing rights.

Milan have significantly announced that they will be opening offices in Dubai in the near term to deepen their link with the region.

Antonio Vitiello is reporting that the deal is worth 30 million euros per year for the next three years. He also adds that the figure can rise from 90 million to at least 105 million with bonuses.