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AC Milan and Off-White Drop Full Formal Collection For 2022/23 In New Partnership

The suits look fantastic with the edgy red sleeve but the varsity jacket will be a big draw in North America despite the price tag.

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AC Milan announced and debuted their new fashion partnership with renowned street wear brand Off-White last week on their way to London to face Chelsea FC in the UEFA Champions League group stage fixture. Now, the collection has fully dropped and a piece of it has gone on sale. The site has confirmed that the two entities are in a three year deal.

As per the Off-White site,

“Off-White™ kicks off a three-year partnership with AC Milan as the club’s official Style and Culture Curator in an initiative dedicated to shared values and the power of sport. The collaboration leverages each partner’s expertise and views, blending the team’s standing as one of the most innovative clubs in the football industry with the Off-White™ legacy as an unapologetic disruptor.

Matching actions to words, the partnership will also support AC Milan’s charity foundation Fondazione Milan as part of a global program that uses the values and power of sport to offer disadvantaged young people opportunities to develop their talents.”

The varsity jacket which is clearly supposed to attract the North America crowd has been listed at a whooping 3,450 euros or 5,100 dollars.

Off White

You can view the styles below: