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Preview: AC Milan’s Players At The Africa Cup of Nations 2022

Milan are going to miss the midfielders but it would be great to see either of them pick up a national trophy.

FBL-AFR-2019-MATCH47-CIV-ALG Photo credit should read FADEL SENNA/AFP via Getty Images

The African Cup of Nations kicks off in Cameroon this weekend as the continent looks for its next champions. AC Milan are represented in the tournament by three players, all of whom are on teams that are expected to go quite far and challenge for the title. Here’s a preview of the next few weeks.

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Fode Ballo-Toure - Senegal

The left back has not featured much for Milan but may get the chance in the AFCON as he competes more vehemently for a starting spot there. Senegal are expected to top their group going up against Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Cape Verde. The defender will be looking to gain some confidence in Cameroon to further ingrain himself into the Milan side.

vs Zimbabwe - 10/01 - 13:00 GMT

vs Guinea - 14/01 - 13:00 GMT

vs Malawi - 18/01 - 16:00 GMT

Ismael Bennacer - Algeria

The midfielder is a focal point for his side as he often pulls the strings of the midfield. This will be a big tournament for him as Algeria look to defend their title and Bennacer looks to put in another dominant display at the tournament following his exceptional performance in 2019. Algeria are in the same group as Cote d’Ivoire hence Bennacer will go head to head with Kessie but both side are expected to qualify and go deep in the tournament. They also have Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea in the group.

vs Sierra Leone - 11/01 - 13:00 GMT

vs Equatorial Guinea - 16/01 - 19:00 GMT

vs Cote d’Ivoire - 20/01 - 16:00 GMT

Franck Kessie - Cote d’Ivoire

The midfielder will be in the same group as Bennacer and he will be raring at the opportunity to upset the favourites and defending champions. Kessie’s side will be a dark horse in the tournament as they possess lots of talent but often lack chemistry. Kessie is a central figure in his side and a leader but also maintains the penalty duty so look out for him to bag a few goals in the competition.

vs Equatorial Guinea - 12/01 - 19:00 GMT

vs Sierra Leone - 16/01 - 16:00 GMT

vs Algeria - 20/01 - 16:00 GMT