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AC Milan Projected To Hit 300 Million Euros In Revenues This Season With Further Drop In Losses

A big turnaround for the club and it keeps getting better with solid performances on the pitch.

FBL-EUR-UEFA-SUPER-C1 Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP via Getty Images are reporting that the accounting year for AC Milan has closed with a loss of 96.4 million euros which is a significant improvement on the loss of 194.6 million euros from the previous year.

According to projections from Calcio e Finanza, Milan’s total revenue for the 2021/22 season are expected to be about 303.5 million euros which is about a 40 million euro improvement from last year’s 260.9 million euros.

The biggest improvements came in the sponsorship department as this rose by 6 million euros and the money from UEFA as a result of the Champions League appearances which brought in an additional 30 million euros and most significantly match tickets which brought in a whooping 43 million euros compared to last season’s 0.

Calcio e Finanza

A report from Sempre Milan claims that the target for Milan is to reduce their losses to below 30 million euros to align with the FFP requirements. The club is well on their way to meet this target this season given the shedding of some big wages as well as the increased revenue discussed above.